Wednesday , 3 September 2014
Today's AAA National Average
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    Gas Prices Register Largest Yearly Discount Since March

    Today’s national average price for retail unleaded gasoline is $3.43 per gallon. Motorists are paying fractions of a penny more than one week ago, but they are paying an average of seven cents less than one month ago and 16 cents less than the same date last year.

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    AAA Monthly Gas Price Report: Gas Prices Dropping Heading Into August

    Gas Prices Post Unusual July Decline with Record-High Refinery Production

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    Today's Gas Prices

    Every day up to 120,000 stations are surveyed to find the average national, state and local prices for gasoline, diesel and E-85.

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    AAA’s weekly commentary on fuel price trends, monthly gas price reports and additional information concerning AAA’s views on consumer fuel advocacy topics.

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    Fuel Cost Calculator

    Using current gasoline prices from AAA's daily Fuel Gauge Report, as well as the latest highway fuel economy ratings from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the AAA Fuel Cost Calculator estimates the amount and cost of gasoline needed to complete a vacation trip.

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    Gas Facts

    Curious about how the price of gas is determined? Interested in gas saving tips from AAA experts?

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